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Is unemploiment really decreasing in Spain?

Posted on July 31st, 2011 by joan and tagged , , .
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In Juan Carlos Barba blog you can find a post where information that shows spanish goverment reports about an unemploiment decrement is not real.

The main graphic, between more others, is this:

Gràfic de l'atur i l'ocupació a Espanya des de fa unes dècades

But, don't worry, you can see other shocking news, like the incresing of public workers while private workers are loosing their emploi and while public administration is getting near insolvence... Spain, a endless fiesta? Don't think so ;-)

Ocupació sector públic i privat a Espanya

Our banking burble is growing up!

Posted on July 28th, 2010 by joan and tagged , , , , .
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From the last post by JCb:

  • Past high pressures to Spanish debt are now decreasing. Why?
  • European bankinf system last data published for BCE show that Spanish banks have rise up its debt from 85.618.000.000€ to 126.300.000.000€: a record!
  • Spanish banks weigth rise up 25.4% of the european total. 18 months ago wasl 9.8%. Was BCE getting a european bad bank? Not very good news...



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